Parallel Algorithms for Scalable Sparse computatIONs 

PASSION is a research team at the Computational Research Division of Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and at the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences of UC Berkeley. 

We do research on sparse matrix computations, distributed data structures, parallel and high-performance computing, combinatorial algorithms. Our fundamental research in Applied Mathematics and Computer Science is guided by problems arising in biology, machine learning, and graph analysis. 

You can learn more about our research in our projects and publications tabs. For a more gentler intro, check out the publicity tab

October 2022 (if you have ever been to the Bay Area, you know this is the Summer season), no masks anymore!

A slightly photoshopped group photo (blame out-of-state working during COVID) from the outdoor-only dining days of 2020

Proof that we don't only eat and drink. 

A bunch of us at Jupiter with the visiting students of 2019:

Trivia: We naturally struggled with what to call ourselves. Following the wonderful PhD comics figure on the right, we should have called ourselves either a research group or a laboratory. The name group has an administrative meaning at LBNL, which we try to avoid. 

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